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Black Friday Sale

Were you really planning on queueing in the cold with common folk on Black Friday? We partake in Cyber Monday Deals Only!

We can tentatively say we have commenced getting over the disappointment of celebrating Halloween under COVID guidelines.

Black Friday Sale

The air is starting to feel a bit more cheer-y and there might be an unknown spring in your walk.

Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ is probably harassing you on the radio.

You might have even started untangling your twenty year old whiny Christmas Lights that your neighbours turn off at 1am without your knowledge.

Honey, the Holidays are basically here.

Well before you start filing your Year End Leave to officially resign from 2020’s antics and magically appear in 2021, you might want to work up a FAT November pay check because…yes you guessed it, Thanksgiving weekend specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are gonna steal that coin, ALL OF IT.

Black Friday Sale

How bad of a best friend would I be if I didn’t let you know about all the juicy deals on the market for the splurges you’ve been resisting all year. I got you sweeties.

┬áHere I have compiled a list of amazing deals for the goodies you love that wouldn’t break the Piggy Bank.


1. Clothes Deals

2. Make Up Deals

3. Accessories Deals

4. Perfume Deals

5. Intimates Deals

6.Amazon Finds Deals

7. Electronics Deals

8. Naija Deals

9. Shoes Deals

10. Discount & Coupon Codes

Good luck out there and happy shopping!

If you’re specifically looking for Cyber Monday deals on clothes, accessories or shoes, check out my review of online fast fashion brands here.

This will guide you in getting proper value for your money on those items and where to shop for your tastes.

Till next time. Ciao!

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