Make Up Trends in 2021 – What makes it different?

2021 make up trends tik tok

Make up trends, products and application techniques evolve with time and 2021 Make up is no different.

What are the different beauty techniques that contribute to “2021 Make Up” and how do they compare to how we did our make up prior.

There is a make up trend, of people doing their beauty routine how they would have done it in 2015 or 2016 versus now on Tik-Tok.

Here’s an example and a compilation of the most popular videos.

And there is a HUGE difference.

I always like to say there is no right or wrong way to do make up, whatever makes you feel confident, GO FOR IT.

But… there are definitely universal application techniques that would make your make up look better.

So let’s check it out.

Less Is More

make up trend 2021 fresh face

If there’s anything different from make up 5 years ago to now, its definitely this!

Less is More!

It’s like the beauty market grew immune to full coverage foundation, harsh contour and blinding highlighter.

Foundation is now substituted for skin tints and BB creams or sometimes skipped all together.

Also natural skin textures and blemishes; in freckles and birth marks are now embraced and accentuated with make up instead of fully covered,

Which I am extremely down for. This trend is definitely a HIT from me and can sit with the beauty girls.

Full Soap Eyebrows

There has been a shift in how eyebrows are shaped and drawn on.

Remember the trusty Anastasia Beverly Heels dip brow pomade and the angled brush method.

Well that might have changed.

Natural bushy brows are not filled in to be opaque and boxy anymore.

Usher in the Pears soap and spoolie to fluff those brows out in 2021.

Preferred Eyebrow pens are used with a light hand to achieve individual hair like brush strokes.

Alternatively people with fuller eyebrows also opt for no brow products and just outline with concealer.

I’m definitely a bushy brow gal and I’m here for this beauty trend.

It’s a HIT for me.

Blush instead of Contour Make up Trend

This is a major one and was heavily influenced with E-girl and Japanese ‘Harajuku’ culture.

drunk blush make up tik tok pinterest

Contouring was a slept on secret in the make up world mainly done by high profile make up artists and drag queens.

But was pushed into the majority space when Kim Kardashian tweeted the infamous unblended highlight and contour picture.

Then the contour craze started and it did take us a while to get a hang of it.

Where most – even the best of us were walking around confidently with harsh unblended lines on our cheeks.

However, the contour craze slowly fizzled out and was replaced by blush.

Largely due to the fact that there are now so many blush variants on the market- liquid, powder and balm blushes in different flattering colors other than Barbie pink.

Which is greatly appreciated specifically for deeper skin tones.

Blush became a make up staple and is now placed not only on the cheek apples,

But also on the nose and as eye shadow.

Personally, I appreciate blush but only on my cheeks.

This trend is a Maybe from me. I’m yet to hop on fully but it does look nice when done properly.

Dewy over Matte

Dewy over Matte is a massive beauty trend that can be pointed in most beauty product preferences.

Mainly in skin products, foundation finish and lip products.

For skin care, there is a massive pivot into products that achieve a glassy hydrated skin finish.

Mainly with hyaluronic acid serums and hydrating primers heavily adopted into skin care and make-up routines.

Foundation products with velvet or dewy skin like finishes are heavily favored in 2021,

dewy skin foundation make up trend 2021 vs 2016

With brands like Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Rare Beauty releasing tinted moisturisers and dewy foundation alternatives to their foundation lines.

The most visible shift in dewy versus matte beauty trend is in lip products. The matte lip had its phase and was an industry fave.

So much so that it single handedly launched the now billion dollar make up brand ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ with their matte lip kits.

With Fenty Beauty releasing the universal Gloss Bomb in 2017, an amazing shimmery yet non sticky lip formula,

It brought back the lip liner and clear lip gloss trend and we haven’t looked back since.

The Dewy versus Matte Beauty Trend is an absolute HIT from me and I have definitely incorporated into my beauty regimen.

‘Face Lift’ Highlight & Contour Make Up Trend

There is no denying that facial cosmetic surgery; mainly botox and filler is a lot more apparent and accepted now than it was 4-5 years ago.

Why spend money on a face lift when you can achieve similar results with makeup contouring.

Contour patterns differ for different face shapes. A rounded or lifted sharp look can be achieved depending on where highlight and contour is placed.

And the latter is the current beauty trend.

Highlight is now done only on the inner corner of the eye and on the outer third upwards rather than a full deep V.

And contour is done on only the outside of the cheekbones at an angle and not drawn all the way in to underneath the cheeks.

A false higher cheek bone counter gives the effect of a facelift .

While a full drawn out contour under the cheeks towards the mouth would give a rounder effect.

I am extremely for this trend as it has changed how I do my make up as I personally have a rounder face and this snatches me to the heavens.

The contour face lift make up trend is an absolute HIT from me. Thanks Tik Tok!

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And that’s it!

If there are any beauty trends I left out, feel free to include in the comment section below.

Also link in your favorite tik tok and pinterest beauty trends for summer 2021.

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Are these 2021 make up trends a hit or miss for you and which one are you currently using?

I would love to know.

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Till next time! Ciao.

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