I Have Nothing To Wear – Help!

i have nothing to wear help

Do you always feel like you have Nothing To Wear yet your closet is filled to to the brim with clothes?

If that screams you, you’re in a safe space sweetie.

There are tricks to easily throw outfits together and overall make dressing up less nerve wrecking.

Keep on reading to find out ways you can take while shopping for outfits to always have something to wear 9 times out of 10!

Shop for Basics

This is the golden rule for throwing outfits together. Always shop for basics.

With varying fashion seasons, summer, spring, fall, winter styles, social media trends and trendy pieces,

It could be an overload that could make you splurge on items you might not need or wear.

Shopping for Basics helps to coordinate your outfits more as you can dress them up or down with statement pieces.

If you only have statement pieces then how would things gel?

Think about this way?

If you bought a trendy cut-out mini dress – yes that’s super on trend-but there are limited places you can wear that outfit to.

However if you got a monochrome ribbed midi body con dress in different colors – black, white, tan, sky blue.

You can make 16 different outfits that could be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories for both running errands or turning up.


So what are the go-to basics clothing every girl should have

Minimal colored T-shirts

what to wear tshirts colored

Plain T-shirts in colors – white, black, sky-blue are a GIVEN for basics.

You could also get T-shirts in oversized sizes or cropped based on your preference.


They have been around forever and are not going anywhere soon. Jeans are extremely universal and go with everything.

Get jeans in your preferred cuts – Mom, Straight, Skinny, Bell Bottoms and rock out!

How to style clothes? Get you some jeans sweetie.


Cropped Tank Tops and Body Suits

These are worthy staples in your closet.

They go with a lot of things most especially bottoms in trousers, skirts, sweatpants.

Getting body suits or cropped tank tops in neutral colors or nudes help immensely in always having something to wear.

Mini/Midi Dresses
black ribbed dress what to wear how to style clothes

These are perfect for those instances where you would want to put more effort but might not want to seem overdressed.

These are your best bet.

You can wear these with sneakers or with heels.

These can also be worn under jackets and coats on a chilly day.

Button-Up T-Shirts

These are great to wear over dresses, camis or bottoms.

If oversized, they can be worn on their own and accessorized.

You can wear them unbuttoned and or tied at the waist for casual wear.


How to always have something to wear?


These go on top of your basic tees, camis and shirts and would have you looking so sharp

Minimum effort, Maximum slay.

They are also come in variety of cuts and fits; cropped, rigid, loose, plaid, plain etc.

Definitely one to play around with in styling outfits.

Co-ords and Matching Sets

I saved the best for last!

If there’s a holy grail hack on how to style clothes or always having something to wear, it’s this one.

Matching sets and co-ords are the way to go!

You don’t have to think of what would match with another piece of clothing because it’s a set.

Just throw on your accessories and you’re out the door in a jiffy.

And that’s it!

I hope this post was helpful in helping you choose an outfit or learning how to style your clothes better.

I would love to know your hacks as well in always having something to wear. Kindly leave them in the comments below.

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Till next time! Ciao!

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