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How To Smell Good

How to Smell Good Tips

How to smell good and make your perfume last longer from a certified perfume addict.

Ever had to spray loads of perfume for it to wear off as soon as you get outside. Look no further, there are several ways to make your perfume silage last longer on you.

Of course every person’s body is different and body chemistry with scents is super important but there are universal methods to get your perfumes to last longer on you.

Start off clean

How to make perfume last long perfume tips

Similar to having bomb make-up using clean brushes, perfume scents stay on better on a blank canvas.

Starting off with a shower with proper exfoliation through wash cloths, exfoliating nets or sponges goes a long with how you smell.

Use a scented lotion

moisturiser for perfume. perfume tips and hacks how to wear perfume

An underrated hack is to use a similar scented lotion with similar top, middle notes close to your perfume of choice.

Perfumes tend to have better sillage on moisturized skin.

What if you do not have a scented lotion? I also got you covered.

You can moisturize your skin with body creams and butters before spraying on perfume. This would help the perfume stay on longer when you spritz.

Figure out perfume notes and how it blends with your body chemistry

This is a great one. Not all perfumes are for everybody and body chemistry has a lot to do with how scents smell off you.

Figuring out the type of scents and notes that work with your natural scent and body chemistry is really down to you trying out a myriad of different perfumes – I would recommend getting some testers and studying how different base, middle and top notes smell on you and what feels comfortable to wear for a long time.

The ideal fragrance should not make you feel light headed or over power your sinuses.

Fragrantica is basically a perfume library of hundreds of thousands of perfume recommendations with a breakdown of the respective perfume notes. Once you have an idea of a perfume scent you like, Fragrantica can help identify perfumes with similar notes to try out for your holy grail perfumes.

Where and How you spray your perfume matters

This is a bit obvious – but it is worth saying that where and how you spray perfume matters.

Spray always on your pulse and heat points

Spraying where your pulse and heat points allow your body to naturally warm up the perfume giving off that crazy sillage when you walk into a room.

Where are my pulse points for perfume?

Your go-to pulse points for perfume are these;

  1. The neck; both sides and the nape of the neck
  2. Behind both ears
  3. Sternum – between your chest
  4. Inside the arms
  5. Wrists
  6. Ankles

So we have answered where to spray perfume but how should you spray perfume

As said earlier, spray the perfume closely on fresh moisturized skin.

Shaking your perfume before spraying also allows the notes in the perfume to be warmed up to give a fully developed scent.

I would also recommend spraying each pulse point one at a time and then re-applying on each individually a couple seconds later instead of frantically spritzing around the body.

Also avoid spraying perfume in the air and walking into the perfume cloud – it’s perfume not room spray sweetie.

Allow the Dry Down – Do Not Rub

This is a key one!

Allow the Dry Down of your Perfume. Once you spray the perfume, yes it would run but resist the urge to pat or rub against the area and allow the dry down.

This creates a concentrated point for the perfume on your body that would smell consistently strong throughout the day.

I hope these tips were helpful. I thought to share these tips with you as they have certainly helped me over the years.

I would also love to hear your feel good smell good tips in the comments below so kindly share below.

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