Best Press on Nails To Try At Home

Amazon Best Press On Nails

Your nail plug doesn’t want you reading this. The good news is the best most affordable press on nails are readily available on Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest and other online outlets!

And I’ll share my secret finds with you today!

I’ll also show you how to easily apply press on nails without nail glue.

Check for the tutorial video down below.

If you regularly get your nails done, then you know our coveted nail techs are now realizing their worth.

Mine is a nail guy and he abandoned me!

Am I the only one slightly shook at being charged almost double the former price for a decent full set in 2020?

I just wanted my nails done so my TikTok hand movements look crispier in Slo-Mo.

If this is you, look no further!

Amazon Nails

I have just the thing for you and that is customisable and re-usable Press-On Nail Sets.

You might have seen them on Instagram or Twitter and they are lifesavers in getting nails you want without the hassle of sitting at the nail salon for hours and at a massive discount.

Press-on nails are not new but the quality and variety of available sets in the market has significantly gone up.

Where to get Press On Nails Sets

There are several places to get Nail Sets; my advice is to look online for styles you like on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, Jumia or Konga.

I have saved you the hassle and linked my favorite sets below for you to check out!

1. Cool Stiletto Nails on Amazon 20 pieces – All under $10

The stiletto nails come in different colors and gem options. Definitely a bargain!

2. Coffin Fake Nails on Amazon 100 pieces – $8

These nail sets come in red, nudes and black colors. The perfect everyday nails.

3. Harosy Matte Ballerina Fake Nails on Amazon 24 pieces – $9

Simple yet effective. Long, matte, colorful and versatile nails.

4. Custom Nail Sets available on Konga – All under N7,000

These are extremely affordable cute nail sets. Definitely worth the price!

5. Ballerina and Coffin Nail Sets available on Jumia – All under N9,5000

These customizable press on nails are statement pieces and possess a strong wow factor. Might want to cop a pair for yourself or a gift for someone else.

How to Apply Press On Nails

There are two ways to install; either with nail tape or glue.

What you go with completely depends on the wear you desire from the nails.

For a temporary day event, I would recommend using the nail tape that has decent hold but is easier to remove and of course for a stronger hold, use nail glue.

Press On Nail Application Tutorial Video

Check out my press on nail installation video down below for tips!

And that’s it. For discount deals on the products listed above, make sure to check out my discount and coupons page here and kindly sign up for my newsletter to never miss out on good deals.

Bye for now. CIAO!

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