Exercise Walking – The 12-3-30 Work Out

Exercise Walking is an underrated yet effective method to maintain and or lose weight but have you heard of the 12-3-30 Work Out by Lauren Giraldo?

We have discussed the benefits of exercise walking in a previous post and still maintain it’s an excellent way to start your fitness journey and to incorporate for a healthier lifestyle.

That said – there is a very interesting update that has made its rounds through social media.

The 12-3-30 Work Out! What is it and why is it important?

What is The 12-3-30 Work Out?

Tik-Tok fitness guru “Lauren Giraldo” put us on to a memorable hack for sustainable exercise walking on a treadmill.

walking exercise 12-3-30 workout to weight loss fast lauren giraldo

Treadmill Incline

  • ’12’ – The first number is for the incline resistance you are to set on the treadmill.

Walking on a steady incline steadily increases and maintains your heartrate allowing you to burn fat and calories.

Walking at an incline also tones your legs with the added resistance.

Treadmill Speed

  • ‘3’ – You should walk on a speed of 3 metres per second. Remember Consistency Over Intensity.

This is to be a lifestyle change that you can incorporate easily into your daily routine. Walking at this speed for an hour would allow you to cover well over 10 km ~ 6.2 miles, with almost 14-15k steps which is absolutely great for a daily target.

Treadmill Timer

  • ’30’ – For starters, set the work out session for 30 minutes and take your time to thoroughly walk and enjoy the burn.

It might shock you the sweat build up and the breath hitches that may start to occur but it’s absolutely worth it.

30 minutes is a little increment in time that you can give religiously to this exercise per day and watch the pounds melt off. Healthy Weight Loss Guaranteed.

Your Diet is Also Important!

Your diet contributes to 9/10 of the results you would want to see. As stated in our previous Exercise Walking post,

Maintaining a Calorie Deficit is your best option towards effective and safe weight loss.

You can work out how much you should be consuming respective to your activity levels through the day which are accounted for.

You can check out how to maintain a calorie deficit by using a Calorie Deficit Calculator and reading our previous Exercise Walking Guide Post below.


How Often Should I Do Walking Exercises

For the 12-3-30 program, the ideal frequency to walk per week is 4 – 6 times a week.

Start slow but start strong.

Remember it’s not a fad, it’s not a detox, it’s not a trend, it’s meant to be a lifestyle change where it becomes a routine to you.

Walk with that in mind.

And that’s it!

If you have tried walking as an exercise or the 12-3-30 work out by Lauren Giraldo or other similar Tik Tok exercises,

I would love to know how it worked out for you in the comments. Did it help you on your fitness journey or aid weight loss?

I would also be trying out this walking exercise hack and would definitely feedback in follow up lifestyle blog posts this year.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Till next time! Ciao!

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