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Black Friday Perfume Deals

Perfume Deals

Find below a compiled list of top 5 discount deals in signature scents with more than 50% discount off retail price for each item. All perfumes are currently available on

1. DOLCE & GABBANA Light Blue

A unisex fresh bright citrus scent with amazing silage and longevity. Wear time is approx. 6 hours. Classic day time scent. 100% recommend as I own a bottle.

Retail price for a 3.3 oz. bottle is $102 however with coupons and discounts, the bottle is currently up for $59. There are 0.5 oz., 0.8 oz. and 1.6 oz. perfume bottles for as low as $12.

Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue Fragrance Discount

2. MARC JACOBS Daisy Dream

Truly a dream for a fragrance. A fresh vine scent that is loud enough without being overpowering. Wear time is on par with major EDT scents at 6 hours approx.

Retail price for a Daisy Dream bottle is $106 but with discount sales and store wide coupons, it is currently up for $50.

Definitely a bargain!

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs Perfume Discount

3. VIKTOR & ROLF Spice Bomb

A scent leaning towards masculine but could pass for a unisex fragrance. Spice Bomb is a scent with wood and tobacco notes. Guaranteed to make you smell absolutely delicious. The silage and longevity of this fragranceis divine.

Wear time is 12-16 hrs. minimum and depending on your body chemistry could last for a day or two.

Retail price for a Spice Bomb bottle for 3 oz. bottle is $124 however with the 25% discount, it is available for $93 and $65 for the 1.7 oz. bottle.

These prices are subject to drop with more discount codes to be unveiled during the week so keep tabs on the discount code page on my blog.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Discount

4. MARC JACOBS Decadence

Decadence is a powerful head turner. It is a woody warm spicy fragrance with amber notes. Extremely musky and is more appropriate as an evening or night wear perfume. The silage and longevity of this fragrance is excellent.

Wear time is 12-16 hrs. approximately. Extremely long lasting!

Retail price for a 3.4 oz. perfume bottle is $122 but with discount deals and coupon codes, the bottle is currently available for $73. Other bottle sizes of this fragrance is available for as low as $15 depending on the bottle size.

Marc Jacobs Decadence Disocunt


Versace Eros is a men’s fragrance with a fresh spicy green ambience. It contains vanilla and amber notes. Top notes for this fragrance are mint, green apple and lemon which develop to the most beautiful scent once dried out. The fragrance is truly delicious and more than enough without trying too hard especially for a men’s fragrance.

Wear time is extremely long lasting with a strong silage guaranteed to turn heads.

Retail price for a 3.4 oz. perfume bottle is $88 but with discounts and store wide coupons, the bottle is available for $61 with mini bottles up for sale for as low as $7.

Versace Eros Discount Deal

Make sure to check out my discount code page for additional applicable discounts by checkout available on all websites.

Happy shopping!

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